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Viewing Appointment Terms and Conditions

Thank you for booking a viewing appointment to see one of the properties that we are marketing.

Any and all appointments with Let Me Ltd are subject to the following “Viewing Appointment Terms and Conditions”

You will be met at the property by either the landlord, the current tenants, or a member of the Let Me Properties team, they will be referred to as “the guide”.

Facilitating viewings in someone else’s property is a very large responsibility. Our number one priority is everyone’s safety. Our second highest priority is the security of the occupiers’ belongings and privacy.

You (and “your guests”, if any) are, therefore, required to follow all of the below “Viewing Appointment Terms and Conditions” to ensure this.

By attending the viewing, you (and “your guests”, if any) are accepting these “Viewing Appointment Terms and Conditions”:

Viewing Appointment Terms and Conditions

  1. You will take full responsibility for the safety and security of the body and belongings of you and anyone who you invite to attend the viewing appointment with you (“your guests”). You (and your guests, if any) fully and completely release Let Me Ltd, it’s directors, shareholders, and employees, the owner of the property, and the current occupiers of the property from any and all liability including ordinary negligence, and as far as legally allowable from gross negligence.
  2. You will have read our referencing criteriatenant administration fees, and application process information before attending.
  3. You will arrive on time (preferably 5 minutes early so that you are ready to enter the property at the appointment start time) to meet the person showing you the property (“the guide”).
  4. You will have 10 minutes to view the property and you will vacate the property at the end of your 10-minute viewing slot (you can always arrange another viewing appointment, asking for a longer appointment next time, if you are interested in seeing the property in greater detail)
  5. You will bring no more than a maximum number of TWO other people along with you for the viewing who are “your guests”. If the property is marketed as a “Student Property”, then the number of people attending the viewing may be more than 3 people total, but must not exceed the number of bedrooms within the property you are viewing (you and 3 guests for a 4-bed property, you and 4 guests for a 5-bed property, etc.)
  6. You (and your guests, if any) will stay together in one group, with “the guide”, at all times (if you do not follow this condition the appointment will be ended immediately and you will be asked to leave the property immediately).
  7. You (and your guests, if any) will remove your shoes as you enter the property.
  8. You take full responsibility for any loss or damage caused as a result of the actions of you or “your guests”.
  9. You (and your guests, if any) will not open any drawers, wardrobes, or cupboards.
  10. You (and your guests, if any) will not touch anything, especially not any of the current occupier’s items.
  11. You (and your guests, if any) will follow all reasonable instructions given to you by “the guide”.

If you do not accept the above terms and conditions you must let us know immediately so that your viewing appointment can be cancelled.

If you have any questions, please submit these in writing to Any variation to the above terms and conditions is only valid if it is made by one of the directors of Let Me Ltd made in writing and is clearly marked as “Variation to Viewing Appointment Terms and Conditions”.

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