Tenants’ Liability Insurance


Sometimes accidents happen, no matter how careful you are to avoid them. If you damage your landlord’s property – including the furniture, fittings and fixtures – you will have to pay for the repair/replacement.

This is known as tenancy liability, and it is a mandatory part of your tenancy agreement. HomeLet’s Tenancy Liability Insurance can cover you for these eventualities. So, if an accident does happen, you won’t need to worry.

HomeLet’s Tenancy Liability Insurance provides up to £10,000 of cover so – if you damage your landlord’s property, furniture, fixtures or fittings – they’ll protect you when you need it the most. Click here to get an online quote now.

HomeLet Specialist Tenants' Liability Insurance


For your information, we made you aware of the requirement to purchase tenants’ liability insurance at almost every stage of the application process. When you “Made an Offer” you had to check the box to confirm that you understood that it was a requirement and it is detailed as a specific term of your tenancy agreement (please read your tenancy agreement for the specific details).