Issues at Blocks of Flats or in Estates/Developments


If you live in a block or flats or within a development/estate, there may be special requirements about how you handle your refuse and recycling. For further information on this, please contact the block or estate management company. You can usually find their details on a notice board in the communal hallway of a block of flats or on a notice board somewhere near the entrance of the estate.

Contacting your block/estate management company will help you find out the answers to:

  • Which parking bay comes with my property?
  • How can I get a parking permit?
  • Where do my bins go?
  • Where should I put my rubbish or recycling?
  • On what days are the bins emptied?
  • Can you repair the communal lift?
  • Can you send someone to clean the communal areas?
  • Can you send someone to deal with the communal gardening?
  • and many other similar questions

You can also speak with the block/estate management company about the following types of issues:

  • Complaints:
    • Noise Complaints about neighbours
    • People parking in your parking space
    • Rubbish not being collected
    • Litter in the communal areas
  • Issues with anything in the communal areas
    • Broken Lift
    • Broken Lights
    • Issues with anything else